Holiday Park Owners: It’s Time to Get Efficient!


The subject of energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to holiday parks both big and small. In recent years, park owners have had to deal with steeply rising energy costs and a steady increase in demand for electricity as holiday goers expect to use a wider range of electrical appliances on pitch.


Automated, remote data collection streamlines the backoffice processing for billing, outage management and decrease in customer complaints. Machine-to-machine data transfers increases the quality of data collected by eliminating misreads and data recording errors. With Automated energy metering, it is no longer necessary to manually access “hard to reach” meters or reschedule meter readings. Improved data integrity eliminates the need to investigate, correct and reissue disputed bills. This increase in meter reading accuracy significantly reduces billing errors and customer disputes.


Replacing the manual meter reading with automated metering shortens the billing process by reducing the time and the number of steps between consumer usage and bill distribution. Cash flow is increased, thus decreasing daily sales outstanding. Traditional meters can make it difficult for park that are looking to assess energy usage and identify real energy saving opportunities. Parks also often find they lack the required control over their energy supply in order to manage their energy costs effectively.


The key is to build an infrastructure that will automate existing manual processes, reduce operational costs, improve data quality and equip owners with the flexibility needed to move into the future.


Smart energy metering is the way forward and can provide the necessary information to help improve energy efficiency and bring other operational benefits that will help you manage costs more effectively and improve customer service.


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