Kelling Heath, Norfolk

Kelling Heath Holiday Park is a picturesque Park set amongst 300 acres of woodland and rare lowland heath in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north Norfolk. This unique setting is home to over 400 lodges and caravan Holiday Homes as well as 300 touring and camping pitches.

The challenge

Kelling Heath’s outstanding location is heavily wooded and dispersed across a large area which is what led the Park to identify Ramtech Electronics as their preferred choice to deliver both Holiday Home Security and Park Fire Prevention.

The Ramtech team worked closely with the management at Kelling Heath to ensure that the specified solutions met their needs exactly.

John Cumming, Estate & Quality Assurance Manager said: “We are extremely proud of the beautiful location in which our Park is located. We chose Ramtech because of their track record. It gives us the confidence that in the event of any incident at the Park, either security or fire, we have the capability to identify it quickly and respond promptly giving our guests the reassurance to enjoy every moment of their holiday with us.”

The solution

At Ramtech we understand the challenges our customers in the leisure industry face as we have been working in the sector for over 30 years. Kelling Heath is renowned for its natural beauty and by deploying our wireless solutions we can provide the highest levels of security and fire protection without detracting from the beauty of the location.

The alarm system in place at Kelling Heath is currently trusted to protect over 30,000 UK holiday homes. It offers 24/7 security monitoring with an instant alert should an alarm be activated. Our security products are powered by long-life batteries and connected to our reliable radio technology linked to a central base station that creates an instant alert via email, text or pager. By using this technology, WiSE is not dependent on SIM or Wi-Fi to function.

To maximise the protection offered, Kelling Heath is also one the first locations for our new WiSE base station. This gives the team the option to extend their coverage to include our new WiSE Platform which is our reliable business information and monitoring platform providing real time alerts, data and information about security coverage, energy metering, fire safety, equipment failure, occupancy monitoring, staff management and access history which can help them to optimise their business operations.

The site includes ancient woodland and rare lowland heath which increases the importance of having a reliable fire protection system on site. To address this, we have deployed over 90 of our market leading, EN54 compliant, battery powered WES units ensuring that Kelling Heath has comprehensive fire call points in place to raise the alarm quickly and protect Park customers from the risk of fire.

By trusting WES and WiSE the team at Kelling Heath can respond quickly to alerts, reducing the risk to life and damage to their property.


For more information about how Ramtech can maximise protection on your park , please contact us 0115 957 8282