WiSE is built on the expertise and engineering that is at the heart of Ramtech Electronics. We originally developed our unique security solution to the holiday park market using our own unique radio technology over thirty years ago.

The products we offer today are designed and developed using our expertise as well as our tried and tested LPWAN radio technology. We have worked closely with our customers to ensure that our products are robust, efficient and deliver the results their business needs.

Our customer base now includes a range of businesses across the UK from urban to rural locations who use WiSE to benefit their business in their own ways. Whether it’s providing peace of mind as a straightforward security solution or a complete data solution that gives them the necessary useful information to streamline their operations and maximise their business offer.

Our reliable and cost-effective platform enables you to wirelessly monitor your information, security and energy without the need for WiFi or SIM. This makes WiSE suitable for a range of sectors where traditional systems are unable to work effectively.

For more information or to find out how WiSE can help you, call us on 0115 957 8282.