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Residential Parks

We have been protecting holiday and residential parks with our security solutions for over thirty years. Now, as well as securing your site, you can revolutionise your residential park operations with our WiSE Platform.

Built using Ramtech Electronics technical expertise, our advanced wireless, information, security and energy system has been developed and engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of streamlining your park operations without the need for WiFi or SIM.

It collects meaningful, non-intrusive data to help you work smarter for example by tracking energy usage and monitoring key equipment, such as sewage pumps, in real-time using our own unique LPWAN radio technology.

Our secure online platform allows you to analyse past and present information, plan your park efficiently and deliver accurate billing invoices.

Benefits of WiSE

smart meter

Automated Smart Meter Readings
Monitor electricity, water and gas with reliable daily readings that your residents can also access using our secure online portal

equipment failure

Equipment fail notifications
e.g. water, fuel and sewage pumps


Bespoke Security Platform
Live security alerts via text, alarm and pager with remote alarm activation


Access your data online from anywhere
Create invoices, analyse or export data via our secure online system


Live Occupancy Data
Anonymously monitor occupancy levels

Parks that have invested in putting our products throughout their park greatly improve their security, maximise their energy efficiency as well as having the peace of mind that their park is monitored 24/7.

For more information or to find out how WiSE can support your park call us on 0115 957 8282.

A Day in the Life

This day in the life of a typical WiSE Park truly showcases the benefits of our brand-new Wireless, Information, Security and Energy platform.

Every morning, Brian, the park’s Manager, logs onto the online portal to see if there are any equipment or security alerts that require further investigation, he also makes sure there were no security alerts from unoccupied homes that night. As the site’s owner and manager, Brian likes to keep an up to date security report available to owners.

Later that day, Becky is working to raise the monthly utility bills. She can collect all the data from the smart meters for each unit quickly using the online portal and generates invoices at the click of a button, so she can send out precise bills. She can also help owners to review their energy use to help them to reduce their energy use.

To find out how more about how WiSE can support your residential park to run efficiently and securely call us on 0115 957 8282.