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Staff Management & Monitoring

It’s great news that holiday parks can now open again in the UK. Although there seems to be no shortage of demand, owners and operators are now facing many new challenges when it comes to ensuring the delivery of a COVID-secure park. Parkwide cleaning poses a major challenge. Knowing when units are clean and who they were cleaned by has never been more important, especially when it comes to maintaining social distancing on busy changeover days.


That’s where the WiSE wireless monitoring solution from Ramtech can help. Holiday parks can gain a great operational advantage from implementing the WiSE Cleaner Complete solution.

Real-time data can be gathered from...

Every Pitch

Every Communal Facility

Anywhere on Park

...and fed in to:

The WiSE cloud

and / or

A Park's own systems (API link)

The benefits of WiSE on your park

WiSE wireless Hubs can be installed anywhere on park to provide checkpoint locations for staff members to tag in and out of their jobs which allows you to learn where your staff have been on site, how long they were there and the work that has been completed. This is then securely shared to the WiSE Platform or can be seamlessly integrated into your Business Management Systems enabling you to easily track & trace individual activity and performance.

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Fully wireless and battery operated

 Indoor & outdoor options available

NFC fob/card operated

Communicate across park via long-range radio network

Fully installed and supported

Fully Customisable

WiSE can be tailored to every park. Here are some of the typical management and monitoring solutions:


Get live cleaning data for every pitch and communal facility

Ideal for hire fleet deployment

Reduce voice over radio traffic

Record the start, completion and duration times of every task

Avoid chaos, confusion and stress on busy changeover days

Track & trace individual activity and performance

WiSE supports the delivery of COVID-secure parks


Create security checkpoints anywhere on park

Negate the need to keep manual records

Enable lone worker alerts with Ramtech REACT

Ensure security staff are completing their rounds

Track & trace individual activity

Maintenance & Contractors

Ensure proof of presence

Reduce voice over radio traffic

Contactless confirmation of completion of work

Track & trace individual activity

Interested in the WiSE wireless solution?

Click the button to email us or call 0115 957 8282 to find out how your park can benefit from WiSE.