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Staycation with a difference


Here, John Newbury, Product Manager at Ramtech Electronics, looks at how technology is creating more efficient and safer holiday and residential parks.


Around 65% or 7.4 million Brits chose a staycation in 2019 rather than holidaying abroad. There are several reasons for this ranging from weakening of the pound making foreign travel more expensive, improved amenities on parks, through to it being easier to take pets, which is a consideration made by around a third of people.


Holiday parks and resorts have responded to this and have gone from strength to strength with their ability to combine value for money with high-standard facilities to maximise the guest experience. Investment in shops, restaurants and leisure facilities have all been key to making the venues attractive to holidaymakers and operators appear to committed to ongoing improvements in order to attract ever more selective holidaymakers.


An area of focus in recent years has been technology as it gives operators the ability both improve the guest experience whilst delivering efficiency and safety benefits. For example, wireless technology means all assets on site can be connected, allowing operators to monitor security alerts, equipment failure, occupancy rates and energy meter readings from one central location.


Cloud-based data storage has helped make this transformation. The cloud enables data to be collected from a range of assets on the park, stored securely and then easily accessed from any device with an internet connection via an online portal. This gives facility managers the ability to react in real-time to fire alarm activations, security doors being opened or sewage or fuel pump failures. Platforms such as these can be accessed using any internet-enabled device in real-time.


Apps open the technology to a world of possibilities; ‘Cleaner Complete’ enables cleaner check-in and check-out, so operators know which homes are ready for guests as well as being able to analyse costs on an online dashboard. Another useful feature is being able to anonymously monitor live occupancy data.


Smart metering modules enable operators to manage their electricity, water and gas utility bills and accurately track energy consumption, which can be vital to ensure that business costs are precisely recouped, as well as identifying potential savings. The data is uploaded to the cloud where it can create invoices and be shared within an existing business system.


There is much talk of Internet of Things (IoT), although this often requires investment in new ‘smart’ assets. However, there are more cost-effective ways of achieving IoT with, for instance, our WiSE technology, which, when added to older assets such as security doors or pumps, can make them ’smart’ assets that are capable of transmitting date to the cloud. Apps then enable this ‘data’ to then become useful management information.


This increased functionality has come about as a result of advances in wireless technology. Aside from providing a cloud-connected solution, wireless networks are suited for use in complex locations such as holiday parks, rural areas, coastal locations and dispersed sites because it is possible to create a completely secure, site wide coverage.


Latest technology platforms have been developed and engineered to provide park operators with greater control. It is now possible to wirelessly monitor information, security and energy without the need for WiFi or SIM. These have been replaced with wireless systems that collect meaningful, non-intrusive data to help park operators work smarter. Ultimately it creates a safer, more user-friendly park a time when a record numbers of people are choosing a staycation.


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