Holiday Park Operators - Is the Cost of Utilities Watering Down Your Profits?

I personally spend a lot of time out on the road, working with many different Holiday Parks throughout the UK. More and more park operators are telling me that the cost of utilities are rising and water is the biggest culprit!

We all know that Smart Meters have become increasingly popular in households across the UK, but did you know that WiSE offers Smart Metering Modules to holiday parks which communicate using radio frequency (RF) technology to collect real-time electricity, gas and water consumption data automatically for each individual pitch or holiday home.

The WiSE module can be retrofitted alongside existing park and resort infrastructure eliminating excess capital expenditure. Smart modules can provide you with data on water usage which allows you to actively monitor and manage water consumption and identify and respond quickly to issues or irregularities. The module also offers the ability to gauge the times of heaviest usage, provide feedback to those with excessive consumption levels with the incentive of reducing bills, and leakage becomes immediately detectable.

The cost of this smart technology can often be recouped in a relatively short period of time and the modules are 100% tax deductible.