Successful businesses have always relied on some form of data to help make informed decisions. Businesses in the past spent more time collecting and preparing data than actually analysing it as majority of data collection used to be collected manually to understand business and customers. Because of the financial cost, time, difficulty of execution, and more associated with data collection, many companies operated with limited data.

As the world becomes smarter, data becomes the key to competitive advantage, meaning a company’s ability to compete will increasingly be driven by how well it can leverage data, apply analytics and implement new technologies.

It’s important to understand that data is not a know-all-tell-all crystal ball. However, it’s about as close as you can get. Of course, creating and running a successful company still requires making good decisions, hard work, and consistency—just think of data as another tool in your arsenal.

Here are a few major ways using data can benefit businesses.

Data helps you make better decisions

Business data is filled with potential if you can learn to access it and use it to improve your company. Data can be helpful when making decisions, but how powerful would it be to make decisions backed by actual numbers and information about company performance? That’s profit-increasing power you can’t afford to miss.

All businesses have a ton of data at their fingertips ready to help them make better decisions. So if you’re thinking there’s not enough data to improve your decisions, that’s probably not the case. Often, companies do not understand how data can help or not having access to the right data platform holds companies back from using data in their decision process.

Businesses can harness data to:

• Improve cash flow

• Increase customer retention

• Improve customer service

• Better manage operating efforts

• Monitor business processes

• Manage staff efficiently

• And ultimately increase business profitability

Data helps you solve problems

Tracking and reviewing data from business operations helps you pinpoint performance breakdowns so you can better understand each part of the business and know which steps need to be optimised and which are performing well.

Data helps you see performance

Have you ever wondered how your team, department, company, customer service, operations, or other parts of your company are doing? Collecting and reviewing data can show you the performance of all this and more. For example, if you’re not sure about the performance of employees, how will you know if your money is being put to good use? Or if it’s bringing in more money than you spend?

Data can also improve internal efficiency and operations by using sensors to track machine performance, optimise staff efficiency and improve business operating costs such as utilities. Data has the potential to improve internal efficiency and operations for almost any type of business and in many different departments.

Data helps you improve processes

Data helps you understand and improve business processes so you can reduce wasted money and time. Every company feels the effects of waste. It uses up resources that could be better spent on other things, squanders people’s time, and ultimately impacts your bottom line.

Today, running your business with the help of data is the new standard. If you’re not using data to guide your business into the future, you will become a business of the past. Data oriented companies will grow faster, it is not just a statement, it is a fact! Fortunately, the advances in data processing and online platforms make growing your business with data easier to do. To streamline your business operations and get the insights you need to propel your company into the future, you need a wise business platform.